Monday, September 7, 2009

You Have My Attention

I had ONE SINGLE ASSIGNMENT to do this summer in order to get credit for my 6 amazing months on co-op.. and it was due 3 weeks ago. What is wrong with me? How am I going to get anything done this semester? The worst part is that I don't care at all. I know I'll get it done and be fine somehow, so I have no motivation. In all actuality, that's how my life has been for the past 6 years. I have never worked hard for anything, and there's never been anything I really wanted that I didn't eventually get. Yet I'm realistic enough to understand that things won't always be that way; I lead a charmed life, but I'm not naive. It makes me a little nervous that when my luck runs out I won't be motivated enough to turn things around myself.

Kevin is playing at my school on Wednesday with Owen ahh I'm so excited! I generally love Northeastern. Also Nick is coming to Boston tomorrow so I'm psyched about that too. ALSO we found someone to move into the unexpectedly empty room in our apartment, avoiding a ton of financial and legal issues. Damn I am real glad good things are happening now to overshadow the fact that classes are starting.

Today's soundtrack is Copeland and Coconut Records: calm, simple background music. Time to work on this co-op stuff, go to the gym, and get apartment things!

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