Friday, September 11, 2009

If This Isn't What You Want Then Why Are You Here?

"I'm not really like this. I'm probably plightless. I cup the window. I'm crippled and slow. For the agony I'd rather know, cause blinded I am blindsided. Would you really rush out for me now?"
-Bon Iver

I am the only person in the entire library info commons area at almost midnight on a friday, and i'm not even doing work.. just hiding out, cause it's hard to be alone when all your friends are your neighbors and i haven't had even a few hours to myself in weeks. i'm having one of those moments where i'm not really sure what i'm doing in college, because i couldn't possibly care any less about the things i'm currently learning in class and i feel like there's a lot more i could be doing with my life that doesn't involve wasting my fucking time. it's not helping that i have felt so goddamn inadequate for weeks already for other reasons.

i'm just going to stop writing, because this is sounding fucking miserable and i'm not trying to have a sick emo blog 7th grade heartbreak style.

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