Friday, September 25, 2009

I Am Feathered By the Moonlight

Several things over the past week have actually made me stop in my tracks and think about how the littlest things in life can be so incredibly beautiful or gratifying or meaningful. It can be an offhand comment someone makes that strikes a chord in you, or something completely irrelevant that you happen to witness and appreciate, or even just the way something looks or sounds or moves. It sucks that most people are too absorbed in their own issues and agendas to take notice of or be affected by that stuff.. if everyone could just understand that life isn't meant to be taken seriously, then the little things would be the only ones that carried any weight. For me, the feeling of finishing a really good book is infinitely better than the feeling of getting a 3.6 GPA. Having an unexpectedly great conversation with one of my bosses or customers at work is way more rewarding than the money in my hand at the end of the week.

Here's a few instances that have recently re-affirmed my faith in humanity in little ways:

* Last night after work I saw a young couple slow dancing on the sidewalk - no music, no laughter, not talking, completely oblivious to the screech of traffic in the background and bustle of drunk kids rushing past them.

* Today as I was rushing between classes a total stranger walked up to me, put his hand on my shoulder, looked dead in my eyes and said "you are really beautiful" - and then just continued on his way as I awkwardly yelled a word of thanks to his back.

* My communications professor pulled me aside in class today to compliment me on the caliber of language I used in a recent e-mail to him. His exacts words were: "I am not sure I have read one message -or even any assignment- that has been better written."

* A few days ago I stopped by a party to say hi to an old friend, who turned out to be incredibly drunk and kept trying to kiss me. When I denied the advances he mumbled something to the effect of 'then why did I even invite you here anyway?' to which I replied 'if that was your only reason, then why have we been friends for 10 years?' Suddenly his demeanor became very serious as he apologized and said 'we're friends because I've always considered you to be one of very few legitimately SMART girls I have ever met.'

* Last week I was walking down my street and noticed that the Prudential building off in the distance was glowing bright orange from the reflection of the setting sun. It looked so incredible that I actually called Joe and made him walk up the hill to look at it with me (hi joe, you're the only person who reads this anyway!)

Oh and I made a tumblr account specifically for posting lyrics and such so that I can keep this blog solely for my own thoughts - any extras will be here:

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