Wednesday, September 30, 2009


i found my old livejournal today and it is the greatest thing ever!! this is exactly why i want to keep a blog, because it is so funny and gratifying to go back and read this stuff. i was the EXACT same person 4-6 years ago, it is insane. my thoughts and outlooks have not changed at all, my lifestyle is bizarrely similar, my relationships with people are pretty much the same.. it's too good. i want to post everything on here, but i'll just post the link so i can go back whenever.

i did LAUGH at this though:

"i like to place a name on my problems
and a face on my loneliness
and maintain faceless nameless people
to recieve my undirected love.
but my entire life is just a reflection of what i feel and think.
and none of it means anything to me, at all."

such a robot. it's still pretty relevant and makes sense to me though.

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