Saturday, August 29, 2009


I'm kind of pissed at myself for not posting in so long, because so many good things have happened since May. It's too late to go on about Bonnaroo, EDC, Val & Sarah's visit to LA, and my last days there. It's too complicated to describe how I've been kicked out of my NJ house 4 times in 6 weeks, haven't stayed in 1 state for a week consecutively since July 10th, and have become an expert couchsurfer... well, a bedsurfer. My friends like to cuddle.

But I'm back in Boston for a good stretch, I move into the new apt. with Allie & 2 other girls on Tuesday and will be there for a whole year.. as excited as I am to have my own room/home and not be dependent on anyone, the vagabond in me is recoiling. I suffer from severe skin crawl syndrome and need constant movement - stagnance is insufferable. So instead of changing my surroundings, I'm going to work on changing things in my life. A gradual overhaul of lifestyle. Living in LA gave me way more perspective than I ever imagined, getting back to NJ just felt like stepping into old skin that I had long since outgrown. I don't mean to sound so negative - my life gets better every fucking day, and I have far too much fun living it. Always happy, just never content.

Although I'd love to shake this insomnia sometime soon, after 8 years that is one thing I've given up hope for.