Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ohh, It Feels Good To Be Free..

Tonight, insomnia has caused me to watch How to Marry a Millionaire, Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing, Obsession, and Hot Rod (for the 9th time). Oh and Seany and I watched the Prestige earlier - awesome movie. Clearly, I'm also greatly enjoying my new Macbook - my only christmas present, but so worth it.

So that was the first December i can remember that didn't completely suck for me, and a great New Years Eve as well. Marcellus broke down on 18 the other day so I got stuck in NJ longer than expected, but my sisters and i went to that Dillinger/UN/Thursday/Glassjaw show which completely overshadows any bad that has happened - it was stupid good. Plus it gave me some extra time to sort through some shit that's been weighing me down and finally sate this morbid curiosity, so I'm feeling extra phenomenal wild free.

Still, this is the longest consecutive amount of time I've spent in NJ in about 2 years and I am very ready to leave. The number of old friends I actually care to see here gets smaller with every visit and I couldn't care any less. I just belong with all my boys, my twin, and my soulmate in Boston. It's weird how I randomly acquired this slight ability to mildly miss/care about people again, but it's the most unexpected ones. Still not sure if I prefer roboticism to this, but I'm not going to think about it or try to plan out what I want - just letting go.

And goddamn do I have great things going for me right now. REAL excited to dive the fuck in.

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