Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Everyone Feels Like You.

Getting back to boston tonight felt more like coming home than it ever has before. I made mashed potatoes and curled up in Allie's bed with her and later MikeyLife, just talking for 4 hours straight. And now my bedroomcave really feels like i belong in it. I guess it took a couple weeks away to notice that. Or maybe anything would feel like this after being subjected to extended periods of nj.

Anyway I'm glad I decided to stay here this semester. Gives me time to earn money and make plans to leave more in the future, hah. I always love where my life is, but right now I particularly love where I am in my head. It's a great balance of caring about a rare few people, while still needing nothing and no one at all. I'm not completely cold anymore, but other people still can't affect me. They just matter too little in the whole scheme of things.

2010. every year has gotten better and better since 2004, and i doubt this one will be any different. already feels amazing. fuck i'm happy.

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