Thursday, December 3, 2009

You're Just Damage Control

I am so glad this semester is ending so I can climb off the freakish rollercoaster that's been taking over my brain for the past couple months. Shit is slowing to a halt now but goddamn i was losing it for the first time in 5 years.

One short period of "clinical depression", laziness, and self-esteem issues is a very small price to pay in comparison to the huge way in which my life and brain and thoughts and outlook fucking rule 99.9% of the time. Although I did still promise my dad I'd go to a shrink or something, which I don't mind cause I've been meaning to get ADD medicine (legally) for a while now. Also I'm corking my uterus. And getting partial gum graft surgery. Think I'm kidding?

Spoke to my parents for the first time in 2months and went to nj for thanksgiving last week. Quality time in NYC with apk&co, nj adventures with apk & donny & randoms & nancy & briefly saw peter. GLASSJAW, BRAND NEW, MANCHESTER, KEVIN, &BRIAN all played in long island - incredible. went with my sisters and hung out with at least 12 other Devine family members, spanning 4 generations - too good.

just saw bonz again tonight at TTs with john nolan and personL, it was real fun and good hangs and i'm glad chris joined me THANKS FOR BEING A DOWN FOR ANYTHING FRIEND.

oh and i'm officially 104lbs, not quite quite at the goal but still a success that more than warrants being rewarded with a tattoo on monday - my 4th state tattoo (you deserve it, M.A.) and my 1st big/colored piece. it's also going to be a great excuse for me to take off my shirt and 'inadvertently' impress people with my incredible biceps and newly discovered triceps and hipbones. it'll be more subtle than that time last week when i forced my mom and sister into the bathroom to watch me flex in the mirror. Once again, think I'm kidding?

I didn't sleep or even go to bed last night so i don't know why i'm still awake at 4am, and now will end this narcissistic rant instead of listing off the 27things I am so excited for over the next week. that time will come i'm sure.

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