Monday, November 9, 2009

Living Well Is The Best Revenge

Not much going on that i care to share lately, or scribe to remind myself of. I've been pretty successfully chronicling my brain waves through lyrics & corresponding photos on my tumblr instead.

I was Jessica Rabbit for Halloween and that weekend was incredible, Nancy visited and she just brings out the best in me. This weekend I skinned my knees, failed to sleep or wear pants, met a cool huskywolfpuppy, and donned a hot pink bob wig one night.

On a superficial (but still satisfying) note, i've lost 17lbs since may-ish and only have 8 more to go. Once I hit 100 i'll finally get my Boston tattoo: an ivy vine curving around my right hipbone. It's both a celebration of reaching my goal, and incentive to keep the weight off for good so my ivy doesn't get stretched or distorted. I'm shooting for December 7th-ish, cause if i go around Allie's birthday i can buy her a tattoo as a gift and we can do it together.

School has just been a slew of procrastination, detailed excuses, and getting 2nd, 3rd, 7th fucking chances tossed to me by all my teachers. Still, I'll probably get straight As as usual. It's kinda fucked but I don't.. care enough to care?

I've been saying it since I was 15, but my life is still the biggest joke the universe has ever played. They'll probably write it on my gravestone. Probably in 5 years.

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