Monday, October 19, 2009


I dreamt a crooked smile
Felt ocean air escape through
New York prison pavement
Heard the purr of a Cheshire cat
Under the hard surface
It sent me across the country
Chasing an elusive trail of your freckles
A map I found imprinted on the shoulders of strangers
Found your address scribbled into trees
Where leaves fell around my feet
Bursting into flames
Soon I felt the creak of your door
Shaking the surface of my skin
Reverberating in my brain
An empty echo in an empty room
You were gone from this place too
But my blood was still running
My heartbeat indifferent
So I stripped your walls of my memory
Claimed every piece of me
That I deemed salvageable
Balled it up and swallowed down

Fell asleep in a new city
She looked me in the eyes
And made peace in my bones

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