Saturday, February 14, 2009


I've been in L.A. for a month and although it was easy to settle into my surroundings (I just can't complain about Venice Beach in January..), settling my brain has been a challenge. Some days I feel like I could never leave here and I start looking up west coast schools to transfer to, and other days - like today - I miss Boston and my school and my bosses and the girls in 118 and the family and my allie more than I though possible. And I am REALLY not one to miss things.

I'm just not doing enough here. I'm having a not-good-enough moment. Which is insane, because I love my job and I'm doing really fucking well there. Maybe it's a side effect of Valentine's Day, but something feels off.

But living with Kate is phenomenal, exploring CA is great I even roadtripped to San Luis Obispo to see A.Lo last weekend, and Knitting Factory is seriously the best opportunity I've ever been given and I'm super happy with my level of responsibility there. Check out the blog on their website to see reviews I've written!

I just need a little boost. I'm going to get a night job as a cocktail waitress, preferably at a sick strip club or hotel bar, and I think that will help me to meet more people here and kick start something exciting. Until then, this O.C. marathon and stock of poety and graphic novels will be keeping me entertained..

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